Publications and Papers Under Review

SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS (*=Graduate Student Co-Author)

Refereed Articles and Chapters:
Torres, Stacy and Griffin Lacy*. 2021. “Life Course Transitions, Personal Networks, and Social Support for LGBTQ+ Elders: Implications for Physical and Mental Health,Allen J. Le Blanc and Brea L. Perry (Eds.) Sexual and Gender Minority Health (Advances in Medical Sociology, Vol. 21), Emerald Publishing Limited: 157-179.

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Torres, Stacy. 2019. “On Elastic Ties: Distance and Intimacy in Social Relationships.” Sociological Science 6: 235-263. DOI: 10.15195/v6.a10
– Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Aging and the Life Course Section
– Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Community and Urban Sociology Section
– Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Sociology of the Family Section

Torres, Stacy. 2018. “Aging Alone, Gossiping Together: Older Adults’ Talk as Social Glue.” The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, gby154, 10.1093/ geronb/gby154
– Innovative Research on Aging Bronze Award, Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging
– Media Coverage: TIME.comNeon Magazine; CNN; The Atlantic

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                          *Nominee for 2014 Claude Award for Trends Essay, 2014

Unrefereed Articles:
Torres, Stacy and Erica Torres. 2020. “Healthcare Bias and Discrimination.” Contexts 19 (4): 96.

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Encyclopedia Entries:
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Briefing Papers:
Klinenberg, Eric, Stacy Torres, and Elena Portacolone. 2012. “Aging Alone in America.” New York: Council on Contemporary Families Briefing Paper (May).
*Reprinted in Families as They Really Are (2015, 2nd Edition)


Torres, Stacy. (Under Contract). Old New York: Late Life in the City. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. Revision in Progress.

Hamiduzzaman, Mohammed, Stacy Torres, Amber Fletcher, Rezaul Islam, Jennene Greenhill. “Aging, Care and Dependency in Multimorbidity: How Relationships Affect Older Bangladeshi Women’s Use of Homecare and Health Services.” Under Review.


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–Media Coverage: Roy Green Show, Global News Canada; Todo Noticias, Argentina.

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-Media Coverage: The Guardian; Vox.

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–Reprinted: San Francisco Chronicle).
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